XULUPROPHET Savannah, GA.- Psychedelic Funk/Reggae/Rock

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Land of the Slave 


Psychedelic Funk/Reggae/Rock out of Savannah, GA.

A phenomenon of high octane groove music.




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Xuluprophet- Psychedelic Funk/Reggae/Rock out of Savannah, GA. A phenomenon of high octane groove music.

The groove heavy rhythmic style has its roots in Caribbean and Latin rhythms while the dual guitarist sound has shades of 60’s psychedelia, 70’s funk, 80’s rock and 90’s grunge. 

Recent 2017 Xuluprophet Shows include:

Rock and Roll Marathon Series- Savannah
40 Cakes Black Tie Event for LB4 and After Foundation- Savannah Civic Center
Van Gordon Martin- Wormhole
The Wailers -The Stage on Bay
Blessing of the Fleet- Brunswick GA
Live at the Blue Door- Brunswick
Passafire 4/20 Show- Jinx Savannah
Swamp Hippie Festival- Deep Bend Landing Waynesboro
Earth Day Festival- Forsyth Park Savannah
Skull Creek Boathouse- Hilton Head
Tybee Post Theater- Tybee Island
A Town Get Down Festival
Art March Parade & Festival- Savannah
Food Day Festival- Daffin Park
Tropidelic- Barrelhouse South
Sapelo Island Beach Festival- Sapelo Island

They have been compared to artists as varied as The Police, Jimi Hendrix, The Cure, Bad Brains and Primus. While playing mostly dance and party music, the lyrical message is both political and spiritual, drawing from their reggae roots they wish to influence the listener to reflect and better themselves and the world around them through the power of music and song. Be sure not to miss this unique and dynamic live band!

“Hey  y’all. Welcome to XuluProphet.com… we are psychedelic GalaxyRockers on a mission from another dimension to bring peace and harmony to earth.”- OceanMan, the Cosmic Wonderchild.

5 Replies to “XULUPROPHET Savannah, GA.- Psychedelic Funk/Reggae/Rock”

  1. Larry "The Iceman" Eisenberg

    Don’t know about posting a comment, but I came to check out the music.

    I’m the gentleman from the Forsyth Farmers Market…

    You got my email….keep in touch

    The Iceman


    By TT Bug III

    (The poet’s jazzy 3rd cousin, unacknowledged legislator, and freeing-friend.)

    Part One

    A few weeks aglow I met,
    This Great Man,
    Sir Xulu who now glows with his,
    Visionary plan!

    And today I met you and your,
    Ready Writer’s pen,
    Encouraging me to Never Give Up,
    For I can still win!

    I first met Xulu at Johnson Square where I do,
    My musical thing,
    Singing a song about Lady Sweet Savannah,
    Which I love to sing!

    The light of Mr Jones’s enthusiasm,
    Simply made my day,
    He was to me most inspiring along life’s,
    Broad-Narrow way!

    The gold of this poem’s 3rd cousin is to,
    Say thanks to you two,
    For encouraging me to keep Following My Bliss,
    Daily anew!

    Yeeep, you Sir Joshua and Sir Xulu greatly,
    Enriched my day,
    Re’minding me to Never Give Up.
    Come what may!

    As The Unniverse sees fit,
    I’m looking forward to meeting you,
    While 20SWEET18 is still,
    Refreshingly new!



    James Lee Frazier, Jr


  3. Edward Halperin

    Looking forward to hearing you all… New to the area and also a musician. ED

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