Beyond Local: XuluProphet and 13 Bricks Host Celebration and Fundraiser for DEEP Center

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Beyond Local: XuluProphet and 13 Bricks Host Celebration and Fundraiser


Beyond local party will be from 6:30 to 9:30 pm at 2308 Waters Avenue and will feature performances by XuluProphet and spoken word artist Marquice Williams of Spitfire Poetry Group. Prizes, giveaways, and raffles will be held throughout the evening.

Youth from Deep Center will be performing their original pieces through the evening as well. Congressional candidate Lisa Ring will be in attendance to show her support of youth based educational organizations and local entrepreneurship.


Beyond Local: XuluProphet and 13 Bricks Host Celebration and Fundraiser

Catering will be by Sly’s Sliders. One slider is included with ticket purchase

2308 Waters Ave, Savannah, GA 31404.
6:30 to 9:30 pm. December 15, 2017
$5 in advance. $10 at the door.
Pre-show tickets are available on eventbrite for $5 and at the door for $10.
Please join our celebration.



XuluProphet, celebrates the release of their single, “Land of the Thief, Home of the Slave” on international record label, Boom One Records. From the start they’ve been entertaining local crowds, the band has recently opened for national act, Passafire, and international legend The Wailers. This international recording opportunity is the latest in a string of successes.

13 Bricks Design and Printing is pleased to unveil their new facility on Waters Avenue in downtown Savannah. Owners Vann-Ellison Seales, a Savannah native, Alfredo Martinez , and Shannee Theus plan to use additional space to optimize and streamline existing production capabilities and prepare for future projects.


Together, these long term collaborators are inviting friends and fans to join the celebration and to raise funds and awareness for Deep Center and the young authors project.

Deep provides rigorous writing workshops to middle school students in Chatham County. Writers from the community work with the students so that they can better tell their personal stories. The result is a published book at the end of each semester. A portion of the evening’s proceeds will benefit Deep Center.


Land of The Slave EP.

Available December 11th on Boom One Records



Penned by Daly after a road trip across the Deep South from Savannah Georgia to New Orleans Louisiana, this song is a provocative take on systemic racism in American history and the current political climate against the backdrop of The Trump election/administration, Black Lives Matter, police brutality and the rise of hate groups across the country.

Murder Creek Alabama (the site of a mass murder in 1788) and the Suicide Oak in City Park New Orleans (where it is said 16 men hung themselves in 12 years) prompted the song, and in the week where Donald Trump won his first Super Tuesday and Savannah native Josh Taft had been arrested for protesting a KKK rally in Stone Mountain, Atlanta GA, the song came naturally, as the realization of the bloodshed and tragedy surrounding the foundation of this nation came to light.

Initially The Land of The Brave and the Home of the Free, the slick twist to The Land of the Slave and the Home of the Thief was an instantaneous addition from Xulu upon reading the lyrics for the first time. The artwork also came from a vision of Daly through the hands of Alfredo Martinez, who took the concept of Lady Liberty crucified on a burning cross and brought it into reality, using a motif from a Salvador Dali painting.

The EP is rounded out by 2 remixes from Daly’s electronic alias’s. First a Dub done in the classic style by Dub moniker Colonial FX, and finally a Jungle/Drum n Bass mix by Obamabo. Boom One Records is an International Netlabel based out of North Carolina with artists in 12 countries across the globe including Japan, the UK and Germany

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