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Xuluprophet & Samba Savannah kicking off Art March Festival

Hey we got emailed a great fan clip of Samba Savannah bringing the #parade home for ART March: Parade & Festival. Feel free to post pics and videos to our page so we can share them. Watch for our official video sponsored by Musikhaus in the next few days from CityStreamNow. Thank you Andrew for bringing your band to play with us.

Posted by XuluProphet on Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Posted by Skull Creek Boathouse on Saturday, April 8, 2017


Live from Earth Day Savannah 2017

@XuluProphet and @thestardustpixxies rockin’ Forsyth Park with live music

Posted by Christopher Failing on Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dragonfly Live-Xuluprophet

#xuluprophet #stardustpixxies #kratom
So when XuluProphet performs with The Stardust Pixxies imagine that the twirling circles (symbolic in ways) to be catching the sound waves of the music as it’s happening, and transferring the waveform into kinetic energy. We in turn get hypnotized for moments with the rhythmic spinning in our peripheral vision, sort of a yin/yang vibe, very in the moment. The song got it’s title from when we we played for Art Rise Savannah on July 4th last year, a dragonfly stayed on the vocal mic through the show.
In this clip we are playing in our neighborhood on Abercorn Street in front of Planet 3 Piercing/Planet 3 Smoke Shop, Upscale Hair Salon, and Sly’s Sliders and Fries. This was cool for us, as the issue at hand, and reason for this shindig in the first place was to raise awareness about the legal status of #KRATOM. The American Kratom Association is working on keeping this non-addictive PLANT (oh yet again) LEGAL. People have found relief from #addiction chronic pain, and a host of other ailments. Research it for yourselves.

Posted by XuluProphet on Sunday, September 25, 2016

Morning Comes Too Soon- Xuluprophet live in the streets of Sav…

Happy Monday friends. XuluProphet had a good weekend making music over at Rachael’s: Sports • Food • Fun, and Planet 3 Piercing/Planet 3 Smoke Shop. Wishing everybody a powerful presence in their own lives, and a kick ass week.
This is a sexy little funk groove about wishing the time one has to spend with their lover didn’t have to give way to the responsibilities of life… ” My starlight turns to daytime way too soon, when I’m in your charms”. That’s The Stardust Pixxies twirlin’ and dancing inside of circles while we do our thing. Beautiful moves Jamie Lynn & Meri.
We will be on Freedomizer Radio next month for an interview with Monica Floyd on her show. She also live streamed this on Saturday for us, and has been a great force in bringing the work of @American American Kratom Association to our neighborhood. We will upload the link soon.
Stand fast in your pursuits of #Freedom #Truth #Beauty & #Love folks, Babylon has gone insane out here. Stop killing your brothers & sisters earthlings, we were all born from the same Mama… BEAUTIFUL PLANET EARTH
#xuluprophet #galaxyrocker #savannahmusic #dance #hoop #hulahoop

Posted by XuluProphet on Monday, September 26, 2016

Dreaming in Being- Xuluprophet

Here is XuluProphet & The Stardust Pixxies opening up the set at Spring Carnival! put on by Savannah Bazaar and Well FED. This song is called “Dreaming in Being”, we’ve been using it to open up the sonic space at our shows. We hope to be back at one of these before the summer is over. Jelinek Creative Spaces we’re gracious host, letting us play indoors due to weather, thank you for the hospitality.

A HUGE Thanks to CityStreamNow for #livestreaming this, and all the other #music, #art and #comedy you have been broadcasting to the world from Savannah, Georgia! To see all the goodies they have click the link at the end of this video to see archived streams from Street Clothes, Crazy Man Crazy, David Spade, Cult Cyph, Art Rise Savannah, Sulfur Studios, The Wormhole, Barrelhouse South, The Landings Club, and a bunch more on YouTube.

Posted by XuluProphet on Monday, March 28, 2016


Xuluprophet & Samba Fan clip 2 Art March Parade

Another fan clip of Samba Savannah, The Stardust Pixxies & XuluProphet gittin’ it in at the start of the #festival right after the first ever ART March: Parade & Festival. HUGE thanks to stage sponsor Musikhaus

Watch the #Samba director call both bands into time with both his feet off the ground. We all fell in line

Posted by XuluProphet on Thursday, April 13, 2017

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