Dogs & Wolf Eyes Original Music from Xuluprophet Produced by Obamabo

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Recorded by Jeff Neugebauer at Event Horizon studios.

Produced by Obamabo

We’re having dreams of home, a land I’ll never see again
Dreams of home, a land so fertile and green
Under the age of empire, on the sorrow filled trail of tears
Under the age of empire, brutality down thru the years
We’ll always remember…
We ain’t never forget when they said…


No dogs, No blacks, No Irish. It’s what they said. (Chorus) x4


In the hull of a ship. On the cane plantations of the caribbean. Human slavery and bondage for profit.
Edifices built to the destruction of culture
… And do you know what they did?


They sowed the seeds of a nation, on the bones of the dead,
And they built a nation of immigrants, on the bones of the dead.



Recorded at SCAD Radio studios

Mixed by Obamabo


Another flame extinguishes itself today, another mark upon the board
The eagle always gets his prey, in the spoils of war
And I really don’t know what to say, the words can’t find themselves
All I know is the world is a much darker place today.
The sheep who escapes the slaughterhouse, cannot escape himself
Pull the wool over my eyes, the wolf will reappear
And I don’t know what these words will say
It doesn’t matter anymore
All I know is all of this has happened once before


So throw the baby with the bathwater
We don’t need either anymore
This brave new machine of ours
Will always need another soul to sacrifice 


Another soul sacrifices itself today.





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